Hydraulic Sliding Pallet Forks

The Prime Attachments Hydraulic Sliding Pallet Fork is made to outlast others on the market. These forks work well for situations where you have inconsistent pallet sizes or placements since you are able to adjust each fork individually using hydraulics.

Along with the walk-through design, we take the time to professionally mill our 1 1/4″ slider bar on top. This top slider bar is met with a 1/2″ welded “T” design for added strength (this is a huge difference compared to a cheap set of pallet forks). The bottom rail is also designed to outlast our competitors with a reinforced professionally milled 1/2″ “T” design. Like our regular walk-through pallet forks, we only offer the heavy-duty version at a 5,500 lb. capacity rating.

Price Range: Call for Pricing


  • Professionally milled slider bars
  • Hydraulic adjustable forks
  • 4' & 5' carriage options
  • 4’ & 5’ pallet fork options
  • Mix/match sets available
  • Universal quick attach plate

Product Specifications:

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