Rock + Stump Ripper Grapple

The Prime Rock & Stump Ripper Grapple is identical to the original Rock & Stump Ripper but with a grapple! It is still a beast at ripping out old stumps and pesky rocks in the field. But with the grapple you are able to grab and hold onto the objects you want to remove with ease.

We have created a 1” triple gusset design utilizing Grade 50 steel and we weld 1/2″ support plates behind the gussets. We triple-pass hand weld this ripper to make it extremely durable and give it max digging power. The serrated teeth give it an additional advantage over other Rock & Stump Rippers on the market due to their ability to grab onto objects with greater ease. A 1/2″ cutting edge is welded in between the two tines to break into the soil easier, as well as cut through roots and other organic material.

The grapple features a 3,000 psi cylinder to create maximum force. The grapple sides are 1/2″ thick and the grapple flats are 5/16” thick.

Price Range: Call for Pricing


  • 1" Grade 50 triple gusset design
  • 1/2" support plate welded behind gussets
  • Triple pass welding
  • Serrated teeth for maximum digging
  • 1/2" cutting edge gusset support for root extraction
  • 1/2" grapple sides
  • 5/16" grapple flats
  • 3,000 psi cylinder for maximum force
  • Universal quick attach plate

Product Specifications:

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