Root Grapple

The Prime Root Grapple is a versatile attachment that can be used to move a wide variety of debris, from rocks to brush. It is able to easily remove larger debris from an area where you want to leave smaller debris behind.

It has 2 independent grapples, each with a 3,000 psi cylinder that works independently to grab objects. Due to the larger 6” tine spacing, the smaller debris falls through easily. It features ½” thick tines and additional support underneath the bucket for added strength.

Price Range: Call for Pricing


  • Greaseable pivot points
  • Universal quick attach plate
  • Optional bolt-on cylinder covers
  • Commercial-grade steel

Product Specifications:

  • Common sizes: 69",76" and 83"
  • Spacing between tines: 6.25"
  • Steel tines width: 1/2"
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