The TM Pro Series Splitters are designed for the professional. If you are a tree service company, a wood processor company, or if you operate an outdoor wood boiler, the Pro Series Splitters are for you. Featuring a viewing window and large two-stage splitting wedge, the Pro Splitters are the fastest and strongest on the market. If you split a lot of wood, the Pro Series will pay for itself in fuel savings, hours on the machine, and labor.

The TM Pro Splitters are available in 3 strokes. The 30″ and 36″ stroke have a 5″ cylinder for maximum splitting power. The 24″ Pro Series splitter has a 4″ cylinder for a fast cycle time on the shorter logs.

If you need assistance choosing which splitter is best for your needs, do not hesitate to give us a call at 419-788-4882.

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Product Specifications:

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